Monday, 19 September 2016

3 Big Email Marketing Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Campaigns

How many emails did you see in your Gmail inbox this morning? Like the rest of the world, you picked an order of visual priority and started with those that have an immediate impact on your work / life and slowly worked your way towards the others, eventually left some unread and then purged some without a second thought.

If your marketing email is towards the latter half of that sentence, it’s time to re-look at your email marketing strategy and change things around to see results. Here are the three big no-nos:

1. Not customizing your email:

When you send out an email, you have a real person on the other end reading it. That person doesn’t want to be addressed as ‘Dear Member’. It’s cold and impersonal.
That person doesn’t want a random product you are selling or have a scheme on. As much enthused as you may be as a business about your product launch, you may be among the 50 people approaching your customer to sell your ware via email. More importantly, this person wants you to not sign off as “Customer support team”. And the biggest pointer here is to not sell from a do-not-reply email id. It’s a way of saying “I’m shouting to anyone who’ll listen but I’m not listening back.
While people don’t like to fill out long info forms during their sign up process, you may still be able to do a few quick classifications and update your email database. Start by offering a great ‘Welcome’ interface and giving your customers some bonus incentives for filling out details like age, location and preferences. Sync your email marketing software with these details and then sort your send-out list.

This also gives you a neat way to experiment with the types of emails you send.

2. Not doing text only emails

Some of the best marketing emails you receive are text emails. They don’t contain images or flashy animation. And best of all, they are less likely to reach the spam box.
Interesting text emails will draw you in with a great value proposition, give you a great insider story and share testimonials from people in a way that you’ll want to be that person featured with the success story. For example, emails from popular marketing gurus on the internet often draw you in by telling you how their consultation has generated millions of dollars in revenue for businesses similar to yours and the only difference between them and you is a few hundred dollars’ worth consultation.

3. Not having a great CTA

According to Elizabeth Yin, CEO of LaunchBit, an average marketing email has 23 links while some have zero. The good place to be is to have 5-6 links with proper CTAs not just focused on selling. It is also important to link each of these CTAs to a custom landing page to make the transition easy for the reader to become your customer.

Remember that sweaty chimp finger about to press the ‘Send’ button in MailChimp? If you aren’t sweating before you hit send to a 25000 database, it’s time for a double check.


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  2. A common complaint I hear from businesses who undertake their own email marketing campaigns is their low email 'open rates' and therefore low 'read rates.' These rates are useful to an email marketer as it can give them an indication whether their copy is OK, their offer is OK and hence if their return on investment is OK.

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