Sunday, 4 September 2016

Digital Marketing is the hottest skill of 2016!

Technology has transformed the way businesses communicate and build relationships with their customers. Consumers are dealing with information overload, and thus look at the internet to receive updates about their favorite brands. A large number of organizations are following their customers online and marketing them through various digital channels.

More than one-third of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) agree that digital marketing will account for 75% or more of their marketing spend in next five years. This will be 35% of the total business budgets. What’s more? 28% of marketers have already reduced their traditional advertising budgets to fund digital campaigns. It means that digital marketing is expected to grow exponentially, and may as well take traditional channels of marketing. As companies continue to invest in online marketing, the sector is expected to create 1.5 lakh jobs in India alone. LinkedIn recently revealed a list of 25 most-wanted skills from 2015, which are likely to remain significant in 2016. Why is digital marketing important? The list is full of digital skills but more importantly 2 out of the top 4 are skills related to Digital Marketing. 

Sadly (fortunately, for you if you know digital marketing), there’s huge dearth of talent in this vertical. Brands are struggling to recruit employees who possess the right skills that’ll contribute in elevating their marketing efforts. According to a recent report, of the three lakh management students that graduate every year, hardly 35,000 get employed. Reason? Lack of digital skills.

Having a marketing degree isn’t enough!

We are living in times where the Indian Prime Minister can’t stress enough on the importance of making India a digital power, and the Indian economy ready to surpass the $200 Billion mark. However, the curriculum in B-schools in India including premier institutes, merely touch on the concepts of digital marketing.

As the industry continues to grow, the skills gap will also widen. Having a management degree isn’t enough. To attract potential employer’s candidates need to possess in demand digital skills. Pursuing digital marketing courses and getting hands-on-training in the vertical can help aspirants land high paying jobs. The starting salary for digital marketing professionals in India, can be anywhere between Rs. 4.5 and Rs. 5.5 Lakh. Premium for experts in the field are many times this amount. 

At we are offering a live and interactive, course on digital marketing This interactive course has been designed for current and aspiring marketing professionals, to help them transform into digital marketers of the future. NIIT has already trained more than 1700 students in digital marketing.


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