Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Everything you wanted to know about Digital Transformation, but were too afraid to ask

As a citizen of the new age, which everyone is referring to as the ‘Digital era’, you must have been hearing a lot about how the world is ‘going Digital’.There is a big buzz around Digital and as you yourself would have noticed and experienced first hand, there are now multiple technologies that you are dealing, using and interacting with in your lives, both at home and beyond.

In the recent past you may even have heard of the term Digital Transformation’ (DT), which seems to be popping up everywhere. If you have been following the news of the day, you will know that the Prime Minister of India has himself initiated the ‘Digital India’ program that underscores the importance that DT will assume in national life in the years ahead. 

DT, it’s everywhere
At first glance ‘Digital Transformation’ sounds a bit complex and something that only the techies of the land need to know about. However, the fact of the matter is that this new phenomena is set to touch each one of us. Owing to this massive wave, which is now sweeping across nations including our own, we are all going to live very different lives from the ones our predecessors did. It is therefore not just important, but imperative that you make your peace with this new, hot buzzword, know what it’s all about, and most importantly, understand how you, as a Digital native need to prepare for this most critical phase of evolution. 

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