Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Salary Trends for Digital Marketing in USA

The field of digital marketing is one that has emerged as a game changer in the arena of marketing. Today, it is not possible to project a product or service without being visible on social media platforms and without a proper website positioned at the top of the search engine options for that niche. This has triggered the creation of various kinds of jobs that bring on a pool of skill and knowledge that is best suited for this area. This has also given rise to various kinds of earning opportunities, the world over. Here are the salary trends for digital marketing jobs in USA.

Digital Marketing Strategist: The digital marketing strategist is a person who combines the aspect of marketing the specific needs for efficient engagement on websites, landing pages, and social media platforms. This person will usually have in depth knowledge of such platforms and will be able to study the analytics sea s to apply the right tools at the right time so as to generate proper engagement. This professional will usually have all the correct certifications when it comes to social media, inbound marketing, Google, DMI frameworks and other such arenas. The salary earned by this person could be an average of 75,000 USD to 80,000 USD per year. Additionally, this individual could also earn an hourly rate of 50 USD to 60 USD.

     Senior Marketing Manager: These individuals also have a large experience base that includes offline marketing. Such individuals will also have digital marketing certifications for various platforms and functions, w which will help them plan wholesome campaigns with coordination between various online and offline platforms as well as individuals. The professionals will generally take home a salary of at least 100,000 USD per annum.

     Digital Marketing Consultant: Additionally, such professionals like the digital marketing strategist could choose to operate as consultants who handle many clients and brands at the same time. These professionals would earn the same amount as specified above for at least 3 to 4 clients. As the client base and numbers grow, they would have to bring in a team of professionals like graphic designers, writers and other related professionals so that they can handle the gamut of activities in a seamless manner.

     Website and Graphics Professional: These are professionals have a more technical base and hence their salary will be slightly more. The website designers who also have experience when it comes to graphics, design, E Commerce website design and management will bring home at least 120,000 to 150,000 USD depending on the range of skill and experience.

    Other Professionals: Writers and other professionals in this field can earn anything from 1 USD to 4 USD per word, depending on the bulk and exclusivity of the posts and articles. The bulk work will bring in a smaller per word rate, while more exclusive and researched based work will be able to demand a greater per word rate. Also, the writers will have to ensure that the copy is proof read, well researched and keyword rich. 

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Free Digital Marketing Courses available Online

In order to become a well known professional in the world of digital marketing, it is important to arm yourself with the skills and know-how so that you can build a stable body of experience which will lure in further business or a good prospective employer in this field. If you are wondering how you can up your skills, then you need to take a look at these free online digital marketing courses so that you are able to study from home and apply your skills for a better career in this niche!

   Hub Spot Inbound Training Program: This is a training program that will help you in understanding the basics of engagement and traffic generation. With the help of this free online course, you will be able to understand how you can create engaging content and market the same effectively to not only get clicks but also precious conversion so that you can build the basis for business goals achievement. This certification is also one of the most recognized on many global forums and will help you in early getting employment as well.

   Social Media Quickstarter: If social media is what interests you, then you can do this course in order to understand how you can chart a winning digital marketing strategy over a variety of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and much more. With the help of insights on each of these platforms, you will be able to understand what goes into crafting a social media story that will help in building an audience and converting them into your ideal audience. This course will also help you in understanding the various social media trends and resources so that you are able to make good use of the same.

-    Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business: This is a course that will help you combine a proper strategy for search engine optimization or SEO and social media marketing as well. With both these tools, you will be able to up your skill level in both the niches so that you can create strategies that are effective in catching the attention of your audience and in creating a good follower base as well. It will also help in understanding many basics like monitoring, analyzing and reporting the social media and search engine performance of websites, blogs, and social media pages. This course is being offered by the University of Salford in Manchester, England.

-    Cloud Blue Print E-Mail Marketing Course: This is a course that will help you tap into the lucrative field of email marketing so that you can create and send out emails that people will sit up and take notice of. Besides generating a database of emails, this course will also show you how to create the best content for such emails and how to market them using various platforms that are used for email marketings, so that you can reach the inbox of your follower and convert him or her into a customer. 

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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Digital Marketing Careers in 2017

Nowadays, employers have begun to understand and appreciate what a solid digital marketing strategy can achieve and how it can really add value to the company or business. In various instances, they have started to integrate digital marketing skills into their core marketing function.
So what are we to expect when a company decides to hire a digital marketer in the near future? Let's have a look at what we've seen throughout 2016 and based on what clients are telling us, the five key specialists we expect to see in demand in digital marketing this year.

Digital Marketing Manager
Since more and more companies are collaborating with external partners like advertising or media agencies – hiring a marketing manager can be invaluable across the digital mix. The expectations from a marketing manager over the past
months show that they need to be as competent as a digital stickler and boast the same set of technical skills, and at the same time be able to balance that with their expertise in traditional marketing mix. Employers expect a wealth of experience in digital marketing, someone who is able to either create or drive their organization’s digital strategy. Specialists in digital communications, brand and content will be most sought-after.

CRM Manager / Specialist Role
This year, it can be expected that digital marketing positions will be filled based on knowledge about Customer Experience (CX) – which is a common key element across the vast majority of digital marketing roles. Employers wish to get the most value out of their digital marketing functions, and employees with these skills are considered particularly valuable in such organizations whose markets are not sales-driven.
Due to the big push from clients wanting digital marketers with skills across the digital mix and the ability to drive revenue through customer acquisition online, CRM managers are the next big posts to fill in. They should also be capable of handling retention acquisition and retention digital activities, and even ROI monitoring tasks.

Digital Analyst
Ever since the increase of reliance on digital channels for campaigns, it's expected that the demand for digital analysts will be on the rise. The budgets are expected to increase in online spend, businessmen will endeavor to understand who they are targeting, marketers will monitor how campaigns are performing, researchers will evaluate user experience as well as customer activities on their websites and stakeholders will have the ability to make relevant and good decisions based on their findings.

Digital Product Manager
The demand for these professionals is rising due to the influx of digital products and online content consumption. They oversee the process of bringing new online products to the market, from inception to launch, including managing marketing campaigns. These managers also use market data and act as a mediator between the consumers and technical teams. They translate consumer needs into new product features for the technical teams to design.

With a lot of diversity in roles within the digital marketing mix and significant investment in hiring in this space, there is going to be a battle for the best talent in 2017.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How Much Can You Earn In The Digital Marketing World?

The digital marketing industry is an upcoming one that has already generated great benefits for various brands. Yet, this is not the only thing that has been generated by this industry. Myriad employment opportunities have beeb set forth by this industry and it is set to become one of the most highly paid among various other niches when it comes to technology and automation. From creative skilled people to those with technical skills, there is room for various types of professionals in this field. Here are the specifics of how much you can earn in the digital marketing industry.

-    Content Creators: These are some of the most important people in the digital marketing industry. Content writers and bloggers can earn anywhere from $45,000 USD to $70,000 USD a year with an experience of one to five years. For those who have more experience than that, a salary of over $85,000 USD per annum can be expected. These content creators will be in charge of the overall vision of the digital marketing campaign or strategy and will be expected to create content accordingly in tandem with graphic designers and SEO specialists who will supply the correct keywords to be inserted into the content.
-    SEO Experts: SEO translates to Search Engine Optimization. All the activities in this niche help in bringing the page ranking up in search engines like Google. These SEO experts will be in charge of spearheading a gamut of activities starting from keyword regeneration to analytics and the use of Google tools like Ad Words and more, so that the page becomes more visible and the brand gains a good foothold when it comes to its niche audience. Most SEO experts can expect salaries between $52,000 to $72,000 USD per annum, if they have been one to three years of experience. Those with more years of experience can look forward to salaries that are upwards of $90,000 USD. This will also depend on the number of certifications that the SEO expert has, like Google Ad Words certifications and more, which can be obtained with the help of an examination conducted online.
-    E Commerce Manager: As the marketing manager for an E Commerce retail online store, your job would be more administrative even as you flex your creative muscles for better positioning of the products and services being pitched on the website. For people who also have a degree in management as well as certifications when it comes to SEO activities and others, it would be easy to earn an annual salary of $85,000 USD to $120,000 USD. This could increase with the number of certifications that one has when it comes to management.
    Other Countries: Since digital marketing is a global industry, the salaries are more or less the same when converted in other countries. The candidates would also have to have plenty of experience and insight when it comes to global requirements so that they can read the parameters for campaigns and content in a more global content. 

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Top Digital Marketing Certifications To Boost Your Career

Digital marketing is no more just a fast emerging marketing arena. It is now the top arena that marketers cannot ignore. Marketing and promoting a brand and its products or services is matter of balancing the interactive platforms with the help of different types of content that can drive engagement effectively. Digital marketing certifications are growing in a major way, given these new found marketing realities. There are a number of courses that one can do in order to excel some or the other kind of platform that comes with the complex of social media marketing and search engine optimization activities. Take a look at these top certifications in digital marketing to know more!

-    Mobile Marketing Techniques: This is one certification that is entirely future ready. This is due to the constant and steady evolution of the smart phone which can accommodate a number of life activities on your palm. From buying groceries to making bill payments and even shopping and calling up information, there are a number of activities that we now carry out on our phone. Mobile marketing is now a real and thriving aspect of social media marketing. Websites are being made in a responsive manner so that they are optimized for such gadgets even as app creation and related tasks are covered by a certification in this area.
-    Technology Certifications for Inbound Marketing: Digital marketing also depends on inbound techniques which include platforms like Hub Spot. These techniques help in drawing people from the social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn on to the landing pages of these brands. These certifications will give the marketer the added edge of professional and technical skills and knowledge which may be applied to a wholesome start to finish campaign to draw the user in and convert him or her into a customer.
-    Organization Wise Strategy for Digital Transformation: Digital marketing is also about dipping into your precious resources offline. This includes organizing these resources within your organization in a way that will make for a seamless digital transformation so that your marketing comes to function in a set digital manner. This will also help in creating a good digital base for all the campaigns related to the branding and selling tasks. In turn, this will create growth and stability for the brand.
-    Content Certifications: This certification is one on which everything else is hinged. Content is the defining factor of all your digital marketing efforts. It is with this aspect that you catch the attention of your audience to start with. New insights show that it is imperative to get digital marketing started on the basis of good and interactive content which will engage and answer the audience when it comes to their problem areas. This is the start point of any kind of interest that one may show in a brand.

-    DMI Certifications: This is a framework within which one can manage and track the various elements required for publishing, planning and promoting campaigns. This is also essential in the emerging B2B market that is being heavily promoted by digital marketing. 

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

10 Free Online Marketing Tools for Every Marketer

Being a hands on marketer is all about constantly and consistently engaging your audience so as to interest them with new information and gain a possible conversion in the process. The digital marketing field is now a reality for each and every marketer worth his or her salt. It has now become imperative to pitch a sizable amount of spend towards this area, with many brands even cutting down on their offline marketing spend. One of the most lucrative things about digital marketing is the fact that one does not need to open the copious amounts of money that one usually does for offline marketing. In fact, there are a number of free tools that one can use. So here are the 10 free online digital marketing tools that every hands on marketer will need! Take a look to know more!

-    Hoot Suite: This is one of the best platforms on which you can actually go ahead and manage the bulk of your social media updates by sequencing and lining them up for auto publishing.
-    Tweetdeck: This tool does pretty much what the above tool does. Yet, it is a tool that is to be used specifically for Twitter. So if you do not have the time for dally Tweets and updates for your follower base, then you can line up the tweets to be auto published at a set time of the time.
-    Klout: This a tool that will help you in finding influencers so that you can get your blog or brand on the map thanks to the follower base that these bloggers enjoy.
-    LinkedIn Sector Skills: This is another tool that will help you in finding the business influencers whom you can use in order to grow your business.
-    Google Webmaster Tools Integration: This tool helps you in understanding the analytics of your website as well as others in your niche by bringing together a framework that houses various tools under one umbrella.
-    Google Keyword Planner: This tool is one of the most important tools that one must use in order to generate keywords that will fit one’s website and niche so that the page ranking on the search engine rises.
-    Keyword Tool: This is another tool that helps in conducting an analysis of the keywords that you may have chosen as the broad words and phrases that define your niche.
-    Similar Web: This is a tool which helps you in studying competitor websites in the same niche so that you can compare and analyze your own efforts and resources for better performance.
-    Marketing Grader: This tool helps in understanding the on page mark up SEO tactics and parameters that apply to your website and niche so that you can build on the same and build some link juice and back links for your website.

-    Google Analytics Hub: This is a must have tool for all the digital marketers so that one can get the analytics that pertain to one’s website for better SEO efforts. 

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Job Interview Question & Answers for the position of Digital Marketing

Did you know that 70% jobs these days aren’t advertised. This is especially true for the crème jobs everyone wants to get. There are a few reasons. One, for a junior level position, the HR probably finds it daunting to wade through 736 applications it receives in the first 24 hours. Two, senior team hiring is generally done without fanfare. Three, references actually work as a wonderful source.

In that case, if you have landed an interview, it is as good as winning the first round of the boxing match. Mind it though, that you are in for a tough game ahead. For a job in digital marketing, you’ll not only need your skills but an overall personality that can thrive in the face of challenges and uncertainty. Here are a few questions and the answers you can have ready

What is the difference between SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM?
A little jargon can confuse and throw anyone out of the game. The interviewer’s intent is to test your knowledge in general and those of common industry terms. He will not only need a full form (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing) but also explain briefly how these differ from each other

1. SEO: Steps taken to improve organic ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results pages) for a relevant keyword
2. SEM: Using platforms like AdWords to advertise online
3 SMO: Optimizing social channels for improved performance
4. SMM: Use of a mix of paid and un-paid tactics to promote one’s brand on social media

How can we improve our company’s SEO / Social Media?
 This is one of the most common questions in an interview. The idea behind the question is to know if you have done your homework. To answer this question you will need to scan through the company site thoroughly. Use free tools like Cognitive SEO (trial version) with thorough backlink analysis or SERPs rank checker to analyse its keywords compared to its competitors. Keep a few points in mind for each aspect of marketing like SEO and SEM. Run these by a colleague or a senior in the profession to see if your notes match. This is one question where you get to pull off your best impression in terms of work knowledge. Therefore, take time out do this well.

When asked for suggestions for improvement, do so subtly. Keep in mind that you don’t want to criticize the existing team / person even before you join.

Share a case study where you successfully / unsuccessfully executed a campaign?
 Another multi-faceted question. The question tests how you perceive digital marketing metrics. Was your success measured just in increasing site traffic or connecting it to the sales funnel. The question also tests how you portray yourself – do you credit yourself or your team for success / failure thereby showing your leadership and team player abilities. The question will also seek answers to how you innovatively solved a problem. If you are a student with no prior experience, you can draw from most recent examples on the web which can at least demonstrate that you are well read.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Google Ad Words Exam Preparation: Everything You Need To Prepare And Pass

The Google Ad Words program is a marketing network that will help in positioning and advertising about the blog or website. The Google Ad Words is a network through which one can post ads and create campaigns so that one can reach out to potential audience and also carry out conversions on that basis. This program is one that needs certification so that a digital marketer can practice the same for his or her clients. The person who wants the certification will have to sit for an online exam, for which preparation will have to take place well in advance so that one can be well prepared for the questions with the correct information that will help in answering the same.

 Come and have a look at the steps that will help you in preparing for the exam.

-    Understanding the Various Categories: One will need to understand the various categories of the Ad Words program starting from the fundamentals to the others like 
  • Search advertising 
  • Display advertising 
  • Mobile advertising 
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping or commercial advertising
With all these categories, one will need to get in depth know how about what goes into which category for an effective campaign to be generated.

-    Choose the Correct Exam: There are two kinds of exams. 
  •  One of the exams includes fundamentals and it helps in testing your knowledge of the salient issues that define the basic marketing network. 
  •  The second exam will test your knowledge about the various categories. 

Also, you can choose to take the fundamental testing exam first and then the second exam. Once you sign up, you can start the exam and begin with the fundamentals. After this exam has been cleared, one can also start the next exam to test for the specific areas. You must choose the category in which you want to specialize as a digital marketing expert so that you prepare accordingly.

-    Exam Centre: The exam centre is a valuable resource that is maintained by Google so that you can get better informed about the same in a short period of time. With the exam centre, you will get all kinds of information about each and every category as well as the fundamentals. You must also take a look at the time allotted for answering questions pertaining to each category. Additionally, you can also take a look at the sample questions attached so that you will have a better hold of the topics and the possible like of questioning that you can expect.

-    Real Time Experience: You can also choose real time experience in order to arm yourself with real time information and answers so that you pass the test with flying colors. You can opt to work with a client or an agency on a PPC or any other kind of campaign that is covered under Google Ad Words so that you can understand the various angles and also be better prepared for the exam. This will also ensure that you can answer the questions in a better time frame. 

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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

3 Steps to Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is an area that has become a lucrative career option for many people, especially for those who practice in the field of marketing. This is one of the most challenging arenas and is filled with many opportunities, provided you find the right skills to strike a balance between strategy, content and analysis to drive engagement and conversions. 

If all that sounds too complicated, then we will break it up into three simple steps so that you can understand and apply in a simple manner. Here goes!

    Step 1, Create: To start with, you will need to choose your niche and topic. This will help you in creating the right kind of content which will strike a chord with your followers and audience. So how can you choose and create content? To begin with, think of all the things that you know about and those things that interest you. You could have worked in the field of fashion, for example, or you simply might be interested in the fashion industry. You will have to start building in depth knowledge of this niche so that you can start to create relevant themes and posts which will cater to your audience. Now, there are many ways of doing this. To begin with, you could follow the work of top bloggers and influencers in this niche and find out what kind of content is working for them and their audience. So either you replicate their efforts with similar types of posts, or you find a gap in the market and address questions that are posed by their followers. This will help in building a proper fan base for yourself also.

    Step 2, Analyse: One of the most important things that you must know and practice as a digital marketing expert is analysis. There are a number of tools that can help you do this. You can use Google and its basic tools in order to analyse which of your posts are doing well. This will help you in understanding your audience in a better manner so that you can then create content that has been the most popular on the days when you received maximum traffic and engagement. This will also show you how too improve your content. When we say analyse, we are not talking about mere numbers and charts. We are also talking about the comments that you receive which can point to your shortcomings so that you are able to improve the same.

     Step 3, Share: In order to be a good digital media expert, you will need to share your content across other relevant forums and social media. Participate in threads of niche topics and spread the word on social media so that more and more people become aware of your efforts and this way, you can also build a name for yourself in this area. Also, you can share an email every month, chronicling your posts which will help your audience in clicking and reviewing your work routinely.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Top 30 Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Jobs in 2017

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options these days. Every company is exploring digital media and wants to see if it can be the next unicorn. So if you 'learn' digital marketing, will you be on your way to a fat pay packet? Not so easily. 

Here are 30 questions specifically on digital marketing that can test your expertise, experience and presence of mind:

General industry knowledge
1.      Which is your favorite digital marketing campaign and why?
2.      What is the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update. How are they    different and how does it effect a website?
3.      Are you aware of online reputation management? How can one do this?
4.      Who is your favorite digital marketer / agency?
5.      Which industry events have you attended lately?

General knowledge of tools
6.      This is a website What tools will you use to analyze the digital health of    this website?
7.      Other than Google Analytics which tools do you know can help track website traffic  and activities
8.      Which spy tools do you use to analyze a competitor website?
9.      What is tools can you use to build your content strategy?

SEO specific questions
10.   Give a brief outline of the on-page SEO process you follow to optimize a website
11.   How does this process change if you have an eCommerce website?
12.   What is the most effective link building strategy that has worked for you?
13.   Which tools do you use to create a monthly SEO report?
14.   From an SEO perspective, would you recommend an eCommerce store to be hosted on Wordpress or Shopify or any other platform?
15.   Which tools can help you optimize your site for mobile search?

Advertising related questions
16.  Which advertising medium is said to give the highest ROI online?
17.  For a website like, which is the best online advertising channel?
18.  How do you decide on the monthly budget cap for a campaign?

Social media related questions
19.  Which social channels do you work with everyday?
20.  What are the top 5 metrics that one should track on twitter?
21.  Have you conducted or participated in a live online event?
22.  What can you tell me about influencer marketing?

Strategy questions
23.   A successful offline retailer for T-shirts now wants to create an online presence. Take me through the process that you'll use to create their digital strategy
24.  Give an example of a digital strategy you've created for one of your clients
25.  Tell me about email marketing. What tools can you use? Have you used drip marketing?

Specific campaign questions
     26. Please share details of an SEO campaign – name of the website and the keywords               you've optimized the site for
    27.  Can you share details of a successful digital campaign you've done? What worked?
    28.  Can you share details of an unsuccessful digital campaign you've done? What did                 not work?

Company knowledge
     29. Have you seen our company website? Can you suggest some ways that we can                    optimize it for increasing traffic by 20% in the coming month.
     30. How can we improve our company's Facebook page?

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Friday, 17 February 2017

5 Best Keyword Targeting Tools

What is the best way to find the most appropriate keywords for your websites? 
While most people would have a general idea of the primary keywords, you would not want to stop there. Finding the right keywords can put you on the right track to SEO success.

Keyword targeting is a term widely used by internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It refers to the practice of using keywords that are relevant to your service or product, and must be included in the website to secure top rankings in search engines. It needs a thorough research to identity the keywords that your business should be using. Choosing the appropriate keywords is key to SEO success. This is where keyword targeting tools can help. Read on to know about the top five tools that can help you to create the best campaign.

1.       Google Keyword Planner - A widely popular keyword research tool, it is completely free to use. Anyone can use it to find related keywords and the quantity of searches each keyword receives. All you have to do is insert a keyword or your website address to receive a list of related keywords along with the number of searches the keywords receive on the local as well as global level.

2.      SEMrush - It is one of the most reputed keyword tools in use today. Its keyword research feature will help you find keywords that are most relevant to your industry and company. The tool also allows you to know more about your competition, including the keywords that they are using.

3.      Keyword Tool – This tool works great when you are looking to get lot of long tail keywords for your website. The tool provides you keywords based on Bing, Google, Yahoo and apple app store. It provides an exhaustive resource of keywords that would otherwise go unnoticed. The tool is free; however, you would need to pay to access the search volume, CPC and competition.

4.       Internet Marketing Ninjas - They have a keyword combination generator that is free to use. It helps users generate commonly used keywords in searches. The tool can help you make a huge list of different search enquiries. Search terms usually tend to vary, and this search combination tool is the best way to collect all the possible keyword combinations.
5.      UberSuggest - It is another popular keyword research tool that provides you with lot of keywords by just adding letters to the end of your query. You can thus access several long tail keywords that can be used for your website.

Just finding the best keywords using a great tool is not enough. If you want to grow your blog, you next need to use your keywords strategically. Most tools pull out huge lists of related keywords, but not all are worth working on. Some keywords might show fewer searches, but they perform well and lead to conversions. It will need some research and careful planning to choose the keywords to target in your blog and which can give you maximum chance of reaching your SEO and traffic related goals.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Learn the Secrets of 'Viral Video Marketing' from Award Winning Content Marketer - Live,Interactive session on 25th Feb. FREE Registration for first 100 learners.

Noun: Viral; an image, video, piece of information, etc. that is circulated rapidly and widely on the Internet.

Living in an age of constant digital innovation, we are bombarded with new content every day and while some fail to make the mark, others catch on like wildfire. Content that is fast and snack-able is characterized as ‘viral’ in internet lingo and cracking the viral code seems to be the holy grail of content marketing. With more eyeballs diverting to social media, the news feeds are getting chaotic, and getting your content the required attention, has become a tall order. 

To help you understand this better, is conducting a Live, Interactive Masterclass on Viral Video Marketing, designed to help Marketers create Viral Video content.

In this live online interactive session, Mr. Aashish Chopra- an award winning Content Marketer, will share the story of his experiments with viral videos resulting in award-winning success. From defining ‘going viral’ as a happy accident, to discovering the method to madness; from his videos getting featured in the news and blogs around the world, to hitting millions of views and winning awards – he will be baring it all in this session. It will be packed with behind-the-scene strategies on how to approach content marketing for making it viral.

We are pleased to offer this program worth Rs.2999 absolutely FREE on  Saturday, 25th February, 2017, 10:00am-12:00 pm (IST). 

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Keyword analysis for an effective ecommerce SEO campaign

E commerce is one of the best places where the effectiveness of your keywords can literally mean a saving of thousands. The main reason being that you aren't using the internet to build your brand or accumulate leads. You have a website from which people can pay and buy things right away. If you rank well for your top keywords, you can minimize on your ad spend and gain from organic traffic. Given the amount of competition and rising bid prices on ads, your SEO can be a game changer. This is why you need to ensure you follow the right keyword strategy for your e commerce website. Here are a few tips

  1. Research before you leap
If you are selling in a general category like apparel or jewelry, you will know that it can be extremely competitive. Unless your niche is very specific, you are in for the Game of Thrones style battle for SERP dominance. From keyword tools to MOZ, several free tools in the market help you determine the most important keywords that should feature on your website. While your homepage will be optimized with the most common 'industry' or 'category' keyword, your individual product pages can be optimized with your product keywords and brand names. Your keywords need to be a combination of short and long tail keywords to be effective.

  1. Position yourself with the right keywords
When there are hundreds of websites selling products in a similar category, it is an uphill task to see your website rank well and can take months to get anywhere in the first few pages. That is, unless you differentiate your brand by creating a proper positioning. Use your USP to your advantage to create this differentiator. For a jeweler brand, it can be about the pricing, the occasion, or simply the target audience it is gunning for. A 16-something young woman would have a different taste in jewelry from that of a 30-year old professional. It is but natural that they will be searching differently too. Use long tail keywords to pitch your brand's position.

  1. You will be battling the giants with (unlimited) budgets
Even if you are an ecommerce website selling just trendy T-shirts, you will not be competing just with others in the same category. You will have the big players like Amazon also playing in the same field. These are companies with a much bigger SEO and AdWords strategy with an army for assistance and a substantial budget to back them. While your site may have only a few hundred pages, they may have thousands making them more potent from Google's view. To counter this, your keywords need to be slightly different from the way the biggies use it so that you can count on the variations and long tail to work better for you

Last but not the least, ensure that your content team is aligned with your keyword strategy and is creating cornerstone pieces of content that can be a traffic driver in the long run.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

How to Research and Locate Your Audience Using Social Media

The world of social is like a parallel universe. People have different personalities from their real world avatars. When you share a post or update on social media, it is very important that it resonates with the right target audience for the content to achieve its purpose. So how do you ensure your content finds the apt readers? Research and locate your audience before you post. Here's how

1)      Zero in your first experimental target audience

If you have a general product like jewelry for women, you are looking at a really big section for outreach and may end up spreading yourself too thin. Zeroing in by age is the first segment. Even then, you can start by first choosing one or two locations that are likely to have the maximum concentration of your TA – mostly tier 1 metro cities. These two demographic segmentation are available with most platforms. The next segmentation will be with psycho-graphics. You can find relevant interest groups and use these for targeting

2)      Use advanced targeting via social ad platforms

Facebook is a great tool to find audience who have similar interests. If you specify a target group of people who have already bought from you, you will have an option to target similar people. This exercise will involve finding your 'ideal customer' and then locating others similar to them. You will have to go beyond woman in her thirties and identify her hobbies, interests, spending patterns, family size, and shopping preferences. Once you add these preferences into a tool like the Facebook ads platform, it will help you determine your total audience size - that can be expected to show interest in your product online (and use Facebook). If this number is too big, you might need to narrow down further so that your ad spend does not wear too thin. On the contrary, if this number is too small, you shall need to widen your criteria to net a sizable audience who can help create enough statistics to see if your product is working or not.

     3) Check offline and then target online

When you create your customer's persona, try to link it with a real offline person and where you expect to find people like him. You many need a few marketing interns to take up the job to run a simple survey with your target customers. You can ask them which social platforms they use and their other preferences on online behavior like reading and shopping. As an interesting reward for participating in the survey, you can give out simple discount coupons. It will be perfect to test out if your offline mapping of customer personality also translates to online customer buying.
If a physical survey is not feasible, you can always run the survey online using free tools like Survey Monkey (as it gives out some neat analytics) or using Google forms.

Let us know what tactics have worked for you beyond Twitter and Facebook. Do you have a great tactic for Google plus? Share with us

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Content Writer Vs Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

It's no secret that outstanding content keeps people coming back to your blog or website. In fact, to rank high in the search engines, it’s crucial that you keep your web pages updated with fresh, quality content. A high quality site attracts traffic and converts them into customers. However, not everyone is a writer and writers too differ in several aspects.

Content writer and copy writer are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they do completely different things. While copywriting is more about persuading someone to buy something, content writing is just writing something and is more journalistic in nature. Read on to know more.

What does a content writer do?
Content writers create search engine optimized content. They produce blog posts, articles, magazine features, newspaper pieces, white papers, and all other types of long-form content. The elaborate pieces contain intricate details and perform better when shared online.
A content writer could produce several articles or blog posts before even mentioning the product. The goal is not to facilitate a sale, but to keep readers engaged long enough so that they are inspired to share it with their contacts, stay in touch with the brand, and eventually buy its product or service.

What does a copywriter do?
A copywriter too uses the written word, but they specialize in short-form copy such as headlines, press ads, and strap lines. For a copywriter, brevity is crucial.
The increasing importance of content has significantly changed the way marketers do their jobs, especially copywriters. While in the yesteryear, copywriting was limited to advertising, the internet has today changed the scope of what copywriters can write for. The list includes, among many other things: online and offline ads, slogans and taglines, email campaigns, advertising and promotional scripts, video scripts, billboards, brochures, sales letters, jingle lyrics, and social media.

Content writer Vs Copy writer
The biggest difference between the two lies in the purpose of writing. From a marketing perspective, the end goal of content writing is to explain a topic. There are no alternate motives involved. Copy writing on the other hand is modifying the content in a way as to persuade someone to buy a service or a product.

As per as the type of writing is concerned, a copywriter usually writes marketing material, but a content writer develops content. A content writer is concerned with facts, research, and substance that help to educate, inform, and create trust around your brand. A copywriter on the other hand provides the spark that attracts the attention of the reader. He/she crafts headlines and subheads that will keep people reading. While a copywriter can still give out useful information, the message will be tweaked in such a way as to generate a sale.

Brands of all kinds require both content writing and copy writing to stay fresh and relevant online. Knowing the difference between the two can help create appropriate content as per the requirements of a business. 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

10 ways to use URL profiler

URL profiler can be one of the best SEO tools used for link classification, content audits, and competitive analysis. It pulls out some interesting data for multiple URLs from other equally powerful SEO tools like MOZ and Majestic - to show it all to you in a single place, saving lots of time and efforts. Now, the only thing you need to do is be able to structure and analyze this data for your competitive advantage. It comes with a 14-day free trial too; so you have to give it a look (Warning: If you are serious about SEO, you will be hooked to it!) Here are 10 ways to use URL profiler to save time and get some amazing link data:

  1. Connect multiple SEO tool APIs
Let’s say you have around 27 competitor URLs to analyze. If you want to do it using both MOZ and majestic, you will have to go to the tools individually and analyze the URLs separately. With URL profiler, all you will need to do is connect your MOZ and Majestic APIs and all URLs will be analyzed together. Not only these, but you can also connect AHRF to it too.

  1. Get site contact info
When you are emailing a company with a business proposal, reaching the right person instead of a contact@id can make a huge difference. Use the URL profiler to add the links for the Team page while using the email addresses and social accounts. If the email is anywhere on the site, the tool will be able to scrape it for you.

  1. Duplicate content check
You can check for both internal and external duplicate content using the tool. The external duplicate content check is done with the copy scape API, while the internal duplicate content check is done by adding all your URLs into the tool and running a check.

  1. Use it for keyword research
URLprofiler has a number of functionalities that aid in keyword research. You can use it to extract the most popular keywords in a page to understand the context. You can tag it with Google Analytics to get the keyword search volume for the provided keywords along with the average CTR, impressions, and clicks with total ranking keywords for each URL. You can even know the top 10 keyword queries and click metrics for each URL.

  1. Collate social account details
Input a bunch of URLs into the tool and get back info on their social accounts. You can add your entire client list to get back a cool list with whom you can now engage on social media.

  1. Competitor popularity check
Collect data from Alexa and SEMRush simultaneously to know organic and paid traffic of your competitors.

  1. Pagespeed performance checks
Find out your overall score and also individual pages that have a poor score and are pulling your performance down.

  1. Review your internal linking strategy
Internal linking is an important SEO factor to pass on your link juice. Use the URL level Majestic option to identify pages that need better internal linking.

  1. Mobile website test
Get to know mobile responsive issues that may not be caught easily with regular views and tests.

  1. Domain prospecting

When thinking of buying a new domain, it is always best to know the domain's history. From WHOIS emails to Wayback Machine, get all the info you need in one place

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