Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 LinkedIn Advertising Tactics That Actually Work

With millions of users across the globe, LinkedIn is a flourishing social network platform for professionals. It presents a huge opportunity for B2B marketers by ensuring that business messages are received across this professional forum. The main concept behind LinkedIn’s advertising platform is very the convenience of creating text, video, and image ads, which are displayed on your page or promotes your content through the news feed of your target audience. If you are looking to tap LinkedIn’s advertising potential, here are some important tips to help you.

Create eye-catching ads
LinkedIn ads are just 25 characters for the headline and 75 characters for the description. You need to write compelling content within these limits to draw the attention of your target audience. For PPC ads, insert a picture that is in sync with what you are providing to your visitors.
The network allows you to direct your audience through a link to your LinkedIn page or your own site. Wherever you send your readers, make sure to include a direct call to action.

Narrow down your audience
While spreading word about your venture, direct your ads to the most relevant prospects. Some targeting options include industry, job function, and professional groups.
As per statistics, the more specific your ads and targeting are, the better is your ad’s performance. You can use Google Analytics to check the efficacy of your targeting.

Campaign variations
LinkedIn recommends marketers to create a minimum of three ads for every campaign; each carrying varying images and content. The network next displays the ads to your target audience. As you start receiving clicks, the top ads are shown more frequently so that it gets even more clicks.
LinkedIn allows you to change the settings so that it can show your ads at a more even pace. You can continue to run the ads that are successful and remove the ads that do not get much clicks.

Budget and bid strategically
Your daily budget in LinkedIn campaigns is the maximum amount you are ready to spend on a day. The site shows ads at different times of the day and charges accordingly. When you have exhausted your daily budget, the ads stop showing. If you are not receiving as many clicks and impressions as you would want, it can help to increase your daily budget.
About bidding, when a prospect visits a page on the site, there is an "auction" between the ad that you have placed and other advertisers. LinkedIn offers a bid range - the higher you bid, the more you are likely to "win the auction", which in turn can lead to more clicks and impressions for you.

Track the performance of your ads
As with any marketing initiative, you would want to check the effectiveness of your campaigns.
When you are promoting your website or page on LinkedIn, CTR (Click Through Rate) is a good way to monitor the progress. Good ads have a CTR, which is more than 0.025%. If this reduces, you might want to consider revamping your ads and narrowing down your target audience. If on the other hand, you have a good CTR, but the lead conversion is low, you might need to work on your landing page.

LinkedIn advertising can be extremely powerful if you follow the right approach. Follow these above-mentioned tactics to achieve your marketing goals.

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