Thursday, 26 January 2017

7 Signs You Should Invest More In Social Media

It’s no longer a question if a business should be in social media. What every business owner is now concerned with is how much time to spend in social media and how best to get the maximum out of it. Here are some signs that you should invest more on social media.

You feel social media offers no value - When done ineffectively, social media may not produce much of an ROI for you, but when done well, it can provide solid returns. Several studies point to how businesses reaped great dividends from leveraging social media platforms. Therefore, if you feel that your current social media efforts are not garnering enough response, it is time to revise, invest more money and time in your social presence strategy.

Your customers and clients are asking for your social profiles - If people are inquiring about your social media profiles, chances are they are interested to know more about your business. You should be where your customers want you to be and consider signing up in the various platforms.

You do business online - If you have a website and you find yourself doing sales off it, it is a wise idea to cross promote your website via social media. Make sure to include social media icons in your site so that your customers can locate you in social networks and find new ways to engage with you. This will cement the bond further and also help generate new traffic.

Your last status update was eons ago - Social media presents an excellent way to establish a rapport with your audience. It is also a reflection of who you are and how you carry out your businesses. Inactive profiles translate to a sense of mistrust and inactivity around your businesses too. So, if it has been a while since you’ve been active online, it’s time to invest more time here.

Your customers are engaged on platforms, but you are not - You should be where your customers are. Being on the same platforms as your customers and engaging with them is a great way to form a relationship and track conversations happening about your brand.

Your competitors are present in the social media platforms - If your competitors and customers, both are present on social media platforms, you should be there too. Else, your customers will only know about your competitors. Check your competitors’ sites to see how much interaction they are getting. Finally, whether they are active or not, you should definitely consider getting in the game and having a strategy in place.

When you want others to see you as an industry authority - Social media is not only about being present in the various channels. It is also about "being human," connecting with your target audience, offering your unique perspective on things, and providing useful information that will help solve their issues.

While it is not that if you are not active in the social sphere, your business will fail, it is crucial for you to be present where your competitors and most importantly, customers are actively engaged. Research your options well and find the measures you can adopt to enhance your social image. 

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