Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Content Writer Vs Copywriter: What’s the Difference?

It's no secret that outstanding content keeps people coming back to your blog or website. In fact, to rank high in the search engines, it’s crucial that you keep your web pages updated with fresh, quality content. A high quality site attracts traffic and converts them into customers. However, not everyone is a writer and writers too differ in several aspects.

Content writer and copy writer are two terms that are sometimes used interchangeably. However, they do completely different things. While copywriting is more about persuading someone to buy something, content writing is just writing something and is more journalistic in nature. Read on to know more.

What does a content writer do?
Content writers create search engine optimized content. They produce blog posts, articles, magazine features, newspaper pieces, white papers, and all other types of long-form content. The elaborate pieces contain intricate details and perform better when shared online.
A content writer could produce several articles or blog posts before even mentioning the product. The goal is not to facilitate a sale, but to keep readers engaged long enough so that they are inspired to share it with their contacts, stay in touch with the brand, and eventually buy its product or service.

What does a copywriter do?
A copywriter too uses the written word, but they specialize in short-form copy such as headlines, press ads, and strap lines. For a copywriter, brevity is crucial.
The increasing importance of content has significantly changed the way marketers do their jobs, especially copywriters. While in the yesteryear, copywriting was limited to advertising, the internet has today changed the scope of what copywriters can write for. The list includes, among many other things: online and offline ads, slogans and taglines, email campaigns, advertising and promotional scripts, video scripts, billboards, brochures, sales letters, jingle lyrics, and social media.

Content writer Vs Copy writer
The biggest difference between the two lies in the purpose of writing. From a marketing perspective, the end goal of content writing is to explain a topic. There are no alternate motives involved. Copy writing on the other hand is modifying the content in a way as to persuade someone to buy a service or a product.

As per as the type of writing is concerned, a copywriter usually writes marketing material, but a content writer develops content. A content writer is concerned with facts, research, and substance that help to educate, inform, and create trust around your brand. A copywriter on the other hand provides the spark that attracts the attention of the reader. He/she crafts headlines and subheads that will keep people reading. While a copywriter can still give out useful information, the message will be tweaked in such a way as to generate a sale.

Brands of all kinds require both content writing and copy writing to stay fresh and relevant online. Knowing the difference between the two can help create appropriate content as per the requirements of a business. 

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