Friday, 17 February 2017

5 Best Keyword Targeting Tools

What is the best way to find the most appropriate keywords for your websites? 
While most people would have a general idea of the primary keywords, you would not want to stop there. Finding the right keywords can put you on the right track to SEO success.

Keyword targeting is a term widely used by internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It refers to the practice of using keywords that are relevant to your service or product, and must be included in the website to secure top rankings in search engines. It needs a thorough research to identity the keywords that your business should be using. Choosing the appropriate keywords is key to SEO success. This is where keyword targeting tools can help. Read on to know about the top five tools that can help you to create the best campaign.

1.       Google Keyword Planner - A widely popular keyword research tool, it is completely free to use. Anyone can use it to find related keywords and the quantity of searches each keyword receives. All you have to do is insert a keyword or your website address to receive a list of related keywords along with the number of searches the keywords receive on the local as well as global level.

2.      SEMrush - It is one of the most reputed keyword tools in use today. Its keyword research feature will help you find keywords that are most relevant to your industry and company. The tool also allows you to know more about your competition, including the keywords that they are using.

3.      Keyword Tool – This tool works great when you are looking to get lot of long tail keywords for your website. The tool provides you keywords based on Bing, Google, Yahoo and apple app store. It provides an exhaustive resource of keywords that would otherwise go unnoticed. The tool is free; however, you would need to pay to access the search volume, CPC and competition.

4.       Internet Marketing Ninjas - They have a keyword combination generator that is free to use. It helps users generate commonly used keywords in searches. The tool can help you make a huge list of different search enquiries. Search terms usually tend to vary, and this search combination tool is the best way to collect all the possible keyword combinations.
5.      UberSuggest - It is another popular keyword research tool that provides you with lot of keywords by just adding letters to the end of your query. You can thus access several long tail keywords that can be used for your website.

Just finding the best keywords using a great tool is not enough. If you want to grow your blog, you next need to use your keywords strategically. Most tools pull out huge lists of related keywords, but not all are worth working on. Some keywords might show fewer searches, but they perform well and lead to conversions. It will need some research and careful planning to choose the keywords to target in your blog and which can give you maximum chance of reaching your SEO and traffic related goals.

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