Monday, 27 February 2017

Top 30 Interview Questions for Digital Marketing Jobs in 2017

Digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options these days. Every company is exploring digital media and wants to see if it can be the next unicorn. So if you 'learn' digital marketing, will you be on your way to a fat pay packet? Not so easily. 

Here are 30 questions specifically on digital marketing that can test your expertise, experience and presence of mind:

General industry knowledge
1.      Which is your favorite digital marketing campaign and why?
2.      What is the Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird update. How are they    different and how does it effect a website?
3.      Are you aware of online reputation management? How can one do this?
4.      Who is your favorite digital marketer / agency?
5.      Which industry events have you attended lately?

General knowledge of tools
6.      This is a website What tools will you use to analyze the digital health of    this website?
7.      Other than Google Analytics which tools do you know can help track website traffic  and activities
8.      Which spy tools do you use to analyze a competitor website?
9.      What is tools can you use to build your content strategy?

SEO specific questions
10.   Give a brief outline of the on-page SEO process you follow to optimize a website
11.   How does this process change if you have an eCommerce website?
12.   What is the most effective link building strategy that has worked for you?
13.   Which tools do you use to create a monthly SEO report?
14.   From an SEO perspective, would you recommend an eCommerce store to be hosted on Wordpress or Shopify or any other platform?
15.   Which tools can help you optimize your site for mobile search?

Advertising related questions
16.  Which advertising medium is said to give the highest ROI online?
17.  For a website like, which is the best online advertising channel?
18.  How do you decide on the monthly budget cap for a campaign?

Social media related questions
19.  Which social channels do you work with everyday?
20.  What are the top 5 metrics that one should track on twitter?
21.  Have you conducted or participated in a live online event?
22.  What can you tell me about influencer marketing?

Strategy questions
23.   A successful offline retailer for T-shirts now wants to create an online presence. Take me through the process that you'll use to create their digital strategy
24.  Give an example of a digital strategy you've created for one of your clients
25.  Tell me about email marketing. What tools can you use? Have you used drip marketing?

Specific campaign questions
     26. Please share details of an SEO campaign – name of the website and the keywords               you've optimized the site for
    27.  Can you share details of a successful digital campaign you've done? What worked?
    28.  Can you share details of an unsuccessful digital campaign you've done? What did                 not work?

Company knowledge
     29. Have you seen our company website? Can you suggest some ways that we can                    optimize it for increasing traffic by 20% in the coming month.
     30. How can we improve our company's Facebook page?

Happy Learning 

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