Wednesday, 1 March 2017

3 Steps to Become a Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is an area that has become a lucrative career option for many people, especially for those who practice in the field of marketing. This is one of the most challenging arenas and is filled with many opportunities, provided you find the right skills to strike a balance between strategy, content and analysis to drive engagement and conversions. 

If all that sounds too complicated, then we will break it up into three simple steps so that you can understand and apply in a simple manner. Here goes!

    Step 1, Create: To start with, you will need to choose your niche and topic. This will help you in creating the right kind of content which will strike a chord with your followers and audience. So how can you choose and create content? To begin with, think of all the things that you know about and those things that interest you. You could have worked in the field of fashion, for example, or you simply might be interested in the fashion industry. You will have to start building in depth knowledge of this niche so that you can start to create relevant themes and posts which will cater to your audience. Now, there are many ways of doing this. To begin with, you could follow the work of top bloggers and influencers in this niche and find out what kind of content is working for them and their audience. So either you replicate their efforts with similar types of posts, or you find a gap in the market and address questions that are posed by their followers. This will help in building a proper fan base for yourself also.

    Step 2, Analyse: One of the most important things that you must know and practice as a digital marketing expert is analysis. There are a number of tools that can help you do this. You can use Google and its basic tools in order to analyse which of your posts are doing well. This will help you in understanding your audience in a better manner so that you can then create content that has been the most popular on the days when you received maximum traffic and engagement. This will also show you how too improve your content. When we say analyse, we are not talking about mere numbers and charts. We are also talking about the comments that you receive which can point to your shortcomings so that you are able to improve the same.

     Step 3, Share: In order to be a good digital media expert, you will need to share your content across other relevant forums and social media. Participate in threads of niche topics and spread the word on social media so that more and more people become aware of your efforts and this way, you can also build a name for yourself in this area. Also, you can share an email every month, chronicling your posts which will help your audience in clicking and reviewing your work routinely.

Happy Learning

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