Monday, 6 March 2017

Google Ad Words Exam Preparation: Everything You Need To Prepare And Pass

The Google Ad Words program is a marketing network that will help in positioning and advertising about the blog or website. The Google Ad Words is a network through which one can post ads and create campaigns so that one can reach out to potential audience and also carry out conversions on that basis. This program is one that needs certification so that a digital marketer can practice the same for his or her clients. The person who wants the certification will have to sit for an online exam, for which preparation will have to take place well in advance so that one can be well prepared for the questions with the correct information that will help in answering the same.

 Come and have a look at the steps that will help you in preparing for the exam.

-    Understanding the Various Categories: One will need to understand the various categories of the Ad Words program starting from the fundamentals to the others like 
  • Search advertising 
  • Display advertising 
  • Mobile advertising 
  • Video advertising
  • Shopping or commercial advertising
With all these categories, one will need to get in depth know how about what goes into which category for an effective campaign to be generated.

-    Choose the Correct Exam: There are two kinds of exams. 
  •  One of the exams includes fundamentals and it helps in testing your knowledge of the salient issues that define the basic marketing network. 
  •  The second exam will test your knowledge about the various categories. 

Also, you can choose to take the fundamental testing exam first and then the second exam. Once you sign up, you can start the exam and begin with the fundamentals. After this exam has been cleared, one can also start the next exam to test for the specific areas. You must choose the category in which you want to specialize as a digital marketing expert so that you prepare accordingly.

-    Exam Centre: The exam centre is a valuable resource that is maintained by Google so that you can get better informed about the same in a short period of time. With the exam centre, you will get all kinds of information about each and every category as well as the fundamentals. You must also take a look at the time allotted for answering questions pertaining to each category. Additionally, you can also take a look at the sample questions attached so that you will have a better hold of the topics and the possible like of questioning that you can expect.

-    Real Time Experience: You can also choose real time experience in order to arm yourself with real time information and answers so that you pass the test with flying colors. You can opt to work with a client or an agency on a PPC or any other kind of campaign that is covered under Google Ad Words so that you can understand the various angles and also be better prepared for the exam. This will also ensure that you can answer the questions in a better time frame. 

Happy Learning

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