Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Job Interview Question & Answers for the position of Digital Marketing

Did you know that 70% jobs these days aren’t advertised. This is especially true for the crème jobs everyone wants to get. There are a few reasons. One, for a junior level position, the HR probably finds it daunting to wade through 736 applications it receives in the first 24 hours. Two, senior team hiring is generally done without fanfare. Three, references actually work as a wonderful source.

In that case, if you have landed an interview, it is as good as winning the first round of the boxing match. Mind it though, that you are in for a tough game ahead. For a job in digital marketing, you’ll not only need your skills but an overall personality that can thrive in the face of challenges and uncertainty. Here are a few questions and the answers you can have ready

What is the difference between SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM?
A little jargon can confuse and throw anyone out of the game. The interviewer’s intent is to test your knowledge in general and those of common industry terms. He will not only need a full form (Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing) but also explain briefly how these differ from each other

1. SEO: Steps taken to improve organic ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results pages) for a relevant keyword
2. SEM: Using platforms like AdWords to advertise online
3 SMO: Optimizing social channels for improved performance
4. SMM: Use of a mix of paid and un-paid tactics to promote one’s brand on social media

How can we improve our company’s SEO / Social Media?
 This is one of the most common questions in an interview. The idea behind the question is to know if you have done your homework. To answer this question you will need to scan through the company site thoroughly. Use free tools like Cognitive SEO (trial version) with thorough backlink analysis or SERPs rank checker to analyse its keywords compared to its competitors. Keep a few points in mind for each aspect of marketing like SEO and SEM. Run these by a colleague or a senior in the profession to see if your notes match. This is one question where you get to pull off your best impression in terms of work knowledge. Therefore, take time out do this well.

When asked for suggestions for improvement, do so subtly. Keep in mind that you don’t want to criticize the existing team / person even before you join.

Share a case study where you successfully / unsuccessfully executed a campaign?
 Another multi-faceted question. The question tests how you perceive digital marketing metrics. Was your success measured just in increasing site traffic or connecting it to the sales funnel. The question also tests how you portray yourself – do you credit yourself or your team for success / failure thereby showing your leadership and team player abilities. The question will also seek answers to how you innovatively solved a problem. If you are a student with no prior experience, you can draw from most recent examples on the web which can at least demonstrate that you are well read.

Happy Learning

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