Sunday, 9 April 2017

10 Free Online Marketing Tools for Every Marketer

Being a hands on marketer is all about constantly and consistently engaging your audience so as to interest them with new information and gain a possible conversion in the process. The digital marketing field is now a reality for each and every marketer worth his or her salt. It has now become imperative to pitch a sizable amount of spend towards this area, with many brands even cutting down on their offline marketing spend. One of the most lucrative things about digital marketing is the fact that one does not need to open the copious amounts of money that one usually does for offline marketing. In fact, there are a number of free tools that one can use. So here are the 10 free online digital marketing tools that every hands on marketer will need! Take a look to know more!

-    Hoot Suite: This is one of the best platforms on which you can actually go ahead and manage the bulk of your social media updates by sequencing and lining them up for auto publishing.
-    Tweetdeck: This tool does pretty much what the above tool does. Yet, it is a tool that is to be used specifically for Twitter. So if you do not have the time for dally Tweets and updates for your follower base, then you can line up the tweets to be auto published at a set time of the time.
-    Klout: This a tool that will help you in finding influencers so that you can get your blog or brand on the map thanks to the follower base that these bloggers enjoy.
-    LinkedIn Sector Skills: This is another tool that will help you in finding the business influencers whom you can use in order to grow your business.
-    Google Webmaster Tools Integration: This tool helps you in understanding the analytics of your website as well as others in your niche by bringing together a framework that houses various tools under one umbrella.
-    Google Keyword Planner: This tool is one of the most important tools that one must use in order to generate keywords that will fit one’s website and niche so that the page ranking on the search engine rises.
-    Keyword Tool: This is another tool that helps in conducting an analysis of the keywords that you may have chosen as the broad words and phrases that define your niche.
-    Similar Web: This is a tool which helps you in studying competitor websites in the same niche so that you can compare and analyze your own efforts and resources for better performance.
-    Marketing Grader: This tool helps in understanding the on page mark up SEO tactics and parameters that apply to your website and niche so that you can build on the same and build some link juice and back links for your website.

-    Google Analytics Hub: This is a must have tool for all the digital marketers so that one can get the analytics that pertain to one’s website for better SEO efforts. 

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