Thursday, 13 April 2017

Digital Marketing Careers in 2017

Nowadays, employers have begun to understand and appreciate what a solid digital marketing strategy can achieve and how it can really add value to the company or business. In various instances, they have started to integrate digital marketing skills into their core marketing function.
So what are we to expect when a company decides to hire a digital marketer in the near future? Let's have a look at what we've seen throughout 2016 and based on what clients are telling us, the five key specialists we expect to see in demand in digital marketing this year.

Digital Marketing Manager
Since more and more companies are collaborating with external partners like advertising or media agencies – hiring a marketing manager can be invaluable across the digital mix. The expectations from a marketing manager over the past
months show that they need to be as competent as a digital stickler and boast the same set of technical skills, and at the same time be able to balance that with their expertise in traditional marketing mix. Employers expect a wealth of experience in digital marketing, someone who is able to either create or drive their organization’s digital strategy. Specialists in digital communications, brand and content will be most sought-after.

CRM Manager / Specialist Role
This year, it can be expected that digital marketing positions will be filled based on knowledge about Customer Experience (CX) – which is a common key element across the vast majority of digital marketing roles. Employers wish to get the most value out of their digital marketing functions, and employees with these skills are considered particularly valuable in such organizations whose markets are not sales-driven.
Due to the big push from clients wanting digital marketers with skills across the digital mix and the ability to drive revenue through customer acquisition online, CRM managers are the next big posts to fill in. They should also be capable of handling retention acquisition and retention digital activities, and even ROI monitoring tasks.

Digital Analyst
Ever since the increase of reliance on digital channels for campaigns, it's expected that the demand for digital analysts will be on the rise. The budgets are expected to increase in online spend, businessmen will endeavor to understand who they are targeting, marketers will monitor how campaigns are performing, researchers will evaluate user experience as well as customer activities on their websites and stakeholders will have the ability to make relevant and good decisions based on their findings.

Digital Product Manager
The demand for these professionals is rising due to the influx of digital products and online content consumption. They oversee the process of bringing new online products to the market, from inception to launch, including managing marketing campaigns. These managers also use market data and act as a mediator between the consumers and technical teams. They translate consumer needs into new product features for the technical teams to design.

With a lot of diversity in roles within the digital marketing mix and significant investment in hiring in this space, there is going to be a battle for the best talent in 2017.

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