Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Free Digital Marketing Courses available Online

In order to become a well known professional in the world of digital marketing, it is important to arm yourself with the skills and know-how so that you can build a stable body of experience which will lure in further business or a good prospective employer in this field. If you are wondering how you can up your skills, then you need to take a look at these free online digital marketing courses so that you are able to study from home and apply your skills for a better career in this niche!

   Hub Spot Inbound Training Program: This is a training program that will help you in understanding the basics of engagement and traffic generation. With the help of this free online course, you will be able to understand how you can create engaging content and market the same effectively to not only get clicks but also precious conversion so that you can build the basis for business goals achievement. This certification is also one of the most recognized on many global forums and will help you in early getting employment as well.

   Social Media Quickstarter: If social media is what interests you, then you can do this course in order to understand how you can chart a winning digital marketing strategy over a variety of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and much more. With the help of insights on each of these platforms, you will be able to understand what goes into crafting a social media story that will help in building an audience and converting them into your ideal audience. This course will also help you in understanding the various social media trends and resources so that you are able to make good use of the same.

-    Search and Social Media Marketing for International Business: This is a course that will help you combine a proper strategy for search engine optimization or SEO and social media marketing as well. With both these tools, you will be able to up your skill level in both the niches so that you can create strategies that are effective in catching the attention of your audience and in creating a good follower base as well. It will also help in understanding many basics like monitoring, analyzing and reporting the social media and search engine performance of websites, blogs, and social media pages. This course is being offered by the University of Salford in Manchester, England.

-    Cloud Blue Print E-Mail Marketing Course: This is a course that will help you tap into the lucrative field of email marketing so that you can create and send out emails that people will sit up and take notice of. Besides generating a database of emails, this course will also show you how to create the best content for such emails and how to market them using various platforms that are used for email marketings, so that you can reach the inbox of your follower and convert him or her into a customer. 

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