Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How Much Can You Earn In The Digital Marketing World?

The digital marketing industry is an upcoming one that has already generated great benefits for various brands. Yet, this is not the only thing that has been generated by this industry. Myriad employment opportunities have beeb set forth by this industry and it is set to become one of the most highly paid among various other niches when it comes to technology and automation. From creative skilled people to those with technical skills, there is room for various types of professionals in this field. Here are the specifics of how much you can earn in the digital marketing industry.

-    Content Creators: These are some of the most important people in the digital marketing industry. Content writers and bloggers can earn anywhere from $45,000 USD to $70,000 USD a year with an experience of one to five years. For those who have more experience than that, a salary of over $85,000 USD per annum can be expected. These content creators will be in charge of the overall vision of the digital marketing campaign or strategy and will be expected to create content accordingly in tandem with graphic designers and SEO specialists who will supply the correct keywords to be inserted into the content.
-    SEO Experts: SEO translates to Search Engine Optimization. All the activities in this niche help in bringing the page ranking up in search engines like Google. These SEO experts will be in charge of spearheading a gamut of activities starting from keyword regeneration to analytics and the use of Google tools like Ad Words and more, so that the page becomes more visible and the brand gains a good foothold when it comes to its niche audience. Most SEO experts can expect salaries between $52,000 to $72,000 USD per annum, if they have been one to three years of experience. Those with more years of experience can look forward to salaries that are upwards of $90,000 USD. This will also depend on the number of certifications that the SEO expert has, like Google Ad Words certifications and more, which can be obtained with the help of an examination conducted online.
-    E Commerce Manager: As the marketing manager for an E Commerce retail online store, your job would be more administrative even as you flex your creative muscles for better positioning of the products and services being pitched on the website. For people who also have a degree in management as well as certifications when it comes to SEO activities and others, it would be easy to earn an annual salary of $85,000 USD to $120,000 USD. This could increase with the number of certifications that one has when it comes to management.
    Other Countries: Since digital marketing is a global industry, the salaries are more or less the same when converted in other countries. The candidates would also have to have plenty of experience and insight when it comes to global requirements so that they can read the parameters for campaigns and content in a more global content. 

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