Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Salary Trends for Digital Marketing in USA

The field of digital marketing is one that has emerged as a game changer in the arena of marketing. Today, it is not possible to project a product or service without being visible on social media platforms and without a proper website positioned at the top of the search engine options for that niche. This has triggered the creation of various kinds of jobs that bring on a pool of skill and knowledge that is best suited for this area. This has also given rise to various kinds of earning opportunities, the world over. Here are the salary trends for digital marketing jobs in USA.

Digital Marketing Strategist: The digital marketing strategist is a person who combines the aspect of marketing the specific needs for efficient engagement on websites, landing pages, and social media platforms. This person will usually have in depth knowledge of such platforms and will be able to study the analytics sea s to apply the right tools at the right time so as to generate proper engagement. This professional will usually have all the correct certifications when it comes to social media, inbound marketing, Google, DMI frameworks and other such arenas. The salary earned by this person could be an average of 75,000 USD to 80,000 USD per year. Additionally, this individual could also earn an hourly rate of 50 USD to 60 USD.

     Senior Marketing Manager: These individuals also have a large experience base that includes offline marketing. Such individuals will also have digital marketing certifications for various platforms and functions, w which will help them plan wholesome campaigns with coordination between various online and offline platforms as well as individuals. The professionals will generally take home a salary of at least 100,000 USD per annum.

     Digital Marketing Consultant: Additionally, such professionals like the digital marketing strategist could choose to operate as consultants who handle many clients and brands at the same time. These professionals would earn the same amount as specified above for at least 3 to 4 clients. As the client base and numbers grow, they would have to bring in a team of professionals like graphic designers, writers and other related professionals so that they can handle the gamut of activities in a seamless manner.

     Website and Graphics Professional: These are professionals have a more technical base and hence their salary will be slightly more. The website designers who also have experience when it comes to graphics, design, E Commerce website design and management will bring home at least 120,000 to 150,000 USD depending on the range of skill and experience.

    Other Professionals: Writers and other professionals in this field can earn anything from 1 USD to 4 USD per word, depending on the bulk and exclusivity of the posts and articles. The bulk work will bring in a smaller per word rate, while more exclusive and researched based work will be able to demand a greater per word rate. Also, the writers will have to ensure that the copy is proof read, well researched and keyword rich. 

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