Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Top Digital Marketing Certifications To Boost Your Career

Digital marketing is no more just a fast emerging marketing arena. It is now the top arena that marketers cannot ignore. Marketing and promoting a brand and its products or services is matter of balancing the interactive platforms with the help of different types of content that can drive engagement effectively. Digital marketing certifications are growing in a major way, given these new found marketing realities. There are a number of courses that one can do in order to excel some or the other kind of platform that comes with the complex of social media marketing and search engine optimization activities. Take a look at these top certifications in digital marketing to know more!

-    Mobile Marketing Techniques: This is one certification that is entirely future ready. This is due to the constant and steady evolution of the smart phone which can accommodate a number of life activities on your palm. From buying groceries to making bill payments and even shopping and calling up information, there are a number of activities that we now carry out on our phone. Mobile marketing is now a real and thriving aspect of social media marketing. Websites are being made in a responsive manner so that they are optimized for such gadgets even as app creation and related tasks are covered by a certification in this area.
-    Technology Certifications for Inbound Marketing: Digital marketing also depends on inbound techniques which include platforms like Hub Spot. These techniques help in drawing people from the social media pages like Facebook and LinkedIn on to the landing pages of these brands. These certifications will give the marketer the added edge of professional and technical skills and knowledge which may be applied to a wholesome start to finish campaign to draw the user in and convert him or her into a customer.
-    Organization Wise Strategy for Digital Transformation: Digital marketing is also about dipping into your precious resources offline. This includes organizing these resources within your organization in a way that will make for a seamless digital transformation so that your marketing comes to function in a set digital manner. This will also help in creating a good digital base for all the campaigns related to the branding and selling tasks. In turn, this will create growth and stability for the brand.
-    Content Certifications: This certification is one on which everything else is hinged. Content is the defining factor of all your digital marketing efforts. It is with this aspect that you catch the attention of your audience to start with. New insights show that it is imperative to get digital marketing started on the basis of good and interactive content which will engage and answer the audience when it comes to their problem areas. This is the start point of any kind of interest that one may show in a brand.

-    DMI Certifications: This is a framework within which one can manage and track the various elements required for publishing, planning and promoting campaigns. This is also essential in the emerging B2B market that is being heavily promoted by digital marketing. 

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